Features Of The Best Gaming Laptop


Gaming laptops have become more powerful that every avid gamer wants to own a laptop that can satisfy all their gaming needs. Playing games using a personal computer has slightly more advantages than the common gaming laptops especially if they have been upgraded. However, the present gaming laptops offer an alternative for hardcore computer gamers. Several factors should be taken into consideration if you are about to buy a laptop that you will use for playing games. These features are very significant because they bring the best gaming experience. Therefore, you should consider the following features whenever you want to buy a new laptop for gaming.

The laptop RAM

laptop RAMOne of the most important features of a gaming laptop is the RAM. The laptop RAM will always determine how fast and effective your laptop will run various programs especially when gaming. You will require a minimum of at least 1GB of random access memory to enable your computer to play several games. Nowadays most gaming laptops come with at least 2GB or more of memory. It is ideal for you to check on the kind of RAM that is installed on the motherboard, DDRAM3 is the best for gaming. It is advisable to get as big RAM as you may afford. Furthermore, memories are cheaper nowadays; therefore you should be able to get more RAM that can support more games.

Graphics card

Another major feature of any gaming laptop that you may prefer is the Graphics Processing Card. Consider a laptop with a high-end Graphics card that has a dedicated RAM that can run all the latest sophisticated video games. The integrated graphics unit may not be able to handle all the complex features encrypted with the modern 3D games.

Most reputable gaming laptop brand has at least two Graphic Cards that work together in a Scalable Link Interface that is configured to offer you a premium handling power. You should make sure that you check if your brand-new gaming machine contains at least 250MB of the video memory since this will facilitate a smooth running of the games.


Nowadays most gaming laptops are designed with at least a Dual-core Central Processing Unit. Others are designed to possess quad-processors. Your CPU determines how fast your gaming laptop will receive and process information. Therefore, it is quite obvious that another crucial feature that should not miss on your gaming laptop is a great processor. You should be able to choose a processor with the amount of speed that you can afford.

Hard Drive

Hard DriveMost gamers choose the 7200rpm hard drives because these will be faster in decoding information. Another proffered hard drive is the SATA Hard Drives which give the laptops a very high performance especially for the high bandwidth programs like the multi-player gaming. Also, the most recent gaming laptops are designed with at least two hard drives that can provide close to even a Terabyte of hard disk storage. Solid State Drives are just too much costly though they are arguably the best alternative for hard drives. SSDs do not have moving parts. Therefore, they are taken to be more reliable than the regular hard drive which has movable parts that crash at times.