Tech Savvy Tips to Secure Your Data in Smartphone

using an iphone

Since the dawn of smartphone technology, phones have become more than a tool that can make a call or send text messages. Smartphones today enable the users to perform many tasks in one device. Most applications that used to be available only on a desktop computer are now on smartphones.

Consequently, we depend too much on our phones. We store important data there, such as photos, emails, videos, voice records, and even documents. And if we do not know the proper way to secure our phones, we can lose all of those valuables.

Locking the Phone

digital lockFirst, you must know how to set the lock on your phone. In case you lose it, strangers cannot get through your private data and take advantage of it. You can set a pattern, type a letter/number/symbol password, use a fingerprint, or even a facial recognition lock system (for advanced smartphones like iPhone and Samsung).

However, you have to set your account first. Both Android and Apple use email registration in their user identification systems. Use an email that is most active, and make sure that all the data of your email match with your civil documents. This step is vital because you can ask for a permanent shut down if your phone is stolen. Also, when a user forgets his/her password, the phone company will allow only users with authentic data to retrieve their passwords.

Apple is known for its meticulous security system. If you forget how to unlock your phone, the retrieval procedure may require you to send an ID card, passport, or a purchase receipt that can verify your ownership. Regardless of the guaranteed security, not all people can wait to use their gadgets. In that case, you may try bypassing the iCloud verification.

Data Backup

cloud storageThere are only three reasons for a gadget replacement: loss, damages, and upgrades. And when we change our gadget, we want all the data to stay the same. In that situation, we have two options for the backup data: physical or cloud storage.

Physical storage means are flash disks, external hard drives, micro SDs, and laptops. If you want to store backup data physically, then you have to transfer them manually with USB cables to one of those means. The obvious advantage is that this method ensures more privacy than cloud storage because the latter involves a third party. Do you remember the case of Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nude photos?

Cloud storage is much simpler to use, and it is also always accessible to us. You also do not need to be bothered with upgrading your external hard disk or data corruption. In case you do not know, physical storage does degrade over time, and the stored data can become corrupt.

Installing Antivirus

lock symbolIf your digital activities require serious security, you should not waste money on free antivirus programs. Spend your money wisely on a paid subscription to famous names like Kaspersky, Avast, and Norton. Do consider this option if you like to make online transactions with your phone. Forex trading is also an activity that requires extra security.

If a hacker breaches to your phone, your bank information is at stake. And most of the time, hacker victims realize their money being stolen after it is too late. The credit card info is already published on hacker forums, and the victims end up with financial loss that is beyond the bank’s responsibility.